How to Manage Your Commercial Construction Project Remotely

For commercial construction projects to run smoothly and successfully, they require someone detail-oriented, who can oversee the entire project DIRT to DONE. However, it is not always feasible, or helpful, to have this person also manage the day-to-day tasks of the project on-site.

There are many clients who choose to manage construction projects remotely. As difficult as that may sound, managing a project remotely doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are the key components to successfully managing your Houston project remotely.

Communicate openly and clearly

Before the project begins, as well as with any new or ongoing tasks, clearly define everyone’s roles so no holes are left in the project. Include your architect, engineer, and construction team in the discussion. Throughout the project,  keep your door open for team questions, remain flexible and adopt quick decision-making skills to keep any project surprises and hiccups to a minimum.

Also consider learning the art of interpersonal communication. Remember your team doesn’t have the benefit of seeing you often, and will not have a grasp of your personality, and management style from afar—don’t be the manager who only asks and never gives.

Trust the team around you

It’s easy to feel anxious about the progress of a job when you can’t simply step out of the office and walk through the construction site yourself. However, micromanaging your team will not only cause delays, but also disrupt the team environment by showing a lack of trust in your team. Trusting your managers on-site creates a sense of ownership and allows them to accept responsibility of their piece of the project.

Update your tech

Modern technology allows off-site managers to be hands-on, even from a distance. You can upgrade your tech with apps and new software to ensure you have access to all pertinent data relating to the project while on the go. Coupled with cameras, drones and video conferencing, you can be more accessible than ever, which will help unsure your projects remain on task and on time.

Celebrate  your team

A project firing on all cylinders only happens when employees are fully engaged and inspired by their work. Working remotely can be make this aspect of the job tricky as you can’t read the body language of your team to see if they are excited and engaged. As a remote manager, it’s your job to find ways to engage your employees. Whether that’s sending fun notes along with project updates or having a surprise lunch delivered after a hard week. Find whatever brings the passion out of your team and incorporate that into your job description.

The 9YARDS difference

The 9Yards studio approach gives our team and our clients the advantage of flexibility and adaptability. It has an experienced construction management team on staff to support you while managing a construction project remotely. Construction managers not only trouble shoot as issues arise, but are also constantly advocating for clients at all stages of project development.

One innovative way 9YARDS supports client success is through proprietary communication technology that allows high-level of execution with no surprises.

The communication technology provides a user-friendly interface to keep you up-to-date on every decision, every completed task and every order, so you feel like the job-site is right in front of you.

9YARDS recognizes many business owners don’t have the time and internal resources to work with separate agencies and teams throughout the design and build process. Our intentional boutique concept and communication platform, allows clients the unique opportunity to work intimately with one team of industry veterans they trust for the whole nine yards.

Remotely managing your commercial real estate project can be fulfilling when you take the extra time to create a culture of open and direct communication built on mutual respect, trust and of course, hard work. 9YARDS is ready to be support your next project. Contact us today to get started.