Critical Due Diligence and Feasibility is included in the standard commissions – identifying “deal killers or deal makers” before the deal is done.


Our comprehensive experience equips our team to create & identify more options and better solutions – faster.


9YARDS can offer a transparent project delivery that provides the most project for the money spent. The majority of our projects come in under budget with the savings passed on to our client.


Save time, money and frustration by allowing the same team that designed and built your project to proactively maintain it and protect the investment.


Our reach extends past the status quo of a typical architect’s limited involvement. Don’t leave critical issues up to independent parties who focus on an isolated piece of the puzzle. Trust your property or project to a team that has inherent, integrated, and comprehensive experience in all disciplines – the whole 9YARDS.


Hiring separate parties / professionals in the development process increases costs, extends the timing, stretches resources and builds frustration. Our intentional bundled concept prevents disconnects and allows you to work with one team of trusted industry veterans DIRT TO DONE.


“9YARDS has been amazing to do business with! I appreciate that they are able to do a project from start to finish in a streamlined, professional manner. Their integrity in business has left me feeling well represented and that I am in safe, competent hands.”

Shanna Kirkpatrick, Chara Christian Dance Academy

“…keywords are honesty, skill, performance. Most of all, I don’t need to worry about my project as I know it is taken care of. Using 9YARDS from architecture through project management to finished product has shown to be a good decision for us…”

Jan Hansen, President, Flowtrend, Inc.

“Energetic, resourceful, very creative, out of the box idea people who, remarkably, are grounded in the commercial/financial realities of a project. The 9YARDS team was always looking out for us as the project owner, successfully responding to our ‘champagne’ design wishes on a budget that would only allow a ‘good wine.’

Jeffrey A. Krueger EVP/CFO/General Counsel, Starcon International

“While 9YARDS is a small firm, they have tremendous integrity, a big heart, and a lot of talent. It is all about how you treat people, your professionalism, your collective talent, and your creative vision and ability.”

Tim Carlisle, President, Woodlands Sports Complex

“From the point you have a vision for growing your business, 9YARDS has the expertise to care for your project.  Whether you need to purchase real estate, design the plans, engineer and construct the building or manage the facilities-or maybe you need it all…the whole nine yards, look no further.
Stan Cromartie and Troy Kennedy have helped Project Joy and Hope realize its dream to build the first pediatric palliative care center in Texas. With  their innovative plans, engineering, and hands on supervision, our agency has saved thousands of dollars that otherwise would not have been possible.
9YARDS is our incredible support team, and the result will be a unique and functional building which will serve our community for years to come.  Thank you, 9YARDS, for taking care of the whole nine yards! Let’s think about the next big idea!”

Jan Wheeler, Founder and Executive Director, Project Joy and Hope


Our clients include an impressive lineup of local leaders representing a diverse industry in the Houston market.