9YARDS, formerly ARCON Solutions, is a fully integrated professional property development services firm. Redefining the property development industry, 9YARDS provides Real Estate, Architecture and Engineering, Construction, and Facilities Management services, all under one roof.  No other firm offers the whole nine yards like this.



Since its conception, ARCON Solutions has prioritized client feedback and aimed to continually elevate our services. Year after year, our clients expressed the desire to work with a single source from DIRT TO DONE. As our service list has evolved to fill that request, then we simply outgrew the ARCON (ARchitecture, CONstruction) Solutions name.

Our mission is to disrupt and modernize the entire developmental process, providing a complete suite of services under one roof. Our truly integrated vision provides clients with one expert partner the whole nine yards.

Welcome to the 9YARDS difference.

The 9YARDS studio approach gives our team and our clients the advantage of flexibility and adaptability. Our team is able to create custom service quotes with a single service or the whole nine yards. With all services offered independently, there is no one-size-fits-all approach here.

Not to mention, 9YARDS boasts an impressive lineup of experienced team members—including real estate professionals, architects, engineers, construction experts, and facility managers. This collaborative team builds a custom and comprehensive approach to your project.

Yes. Our service list is available to support you through your entire project, but we offer our services a la carte too. 

9YARDS is an incredibly versatile company serving just about any market including all forms of commercial, industrial, higher end residential, retail, mixed use, coastal, medical, hospitality, park & athletic, educational, religious… we will let you know if we are not qualified for your project.

Absolutely! Not only do we find the right  property, but we have established an impressive comprehensive list of Due Diligence & Feasibility items that we address as an inclusive part of our services. Likewise we have an extensive list that maximizes property sales value and marketability.

Yes. Our team can turn ideas into reality through 3D modeling, rendering and animation DURING the design process, not after it. This greatly assists clients in understanding how the design feels.

9YARDS serves client’s needs all over. We have exciting expansion plans for the near future to spread our unique offerings.

Call us at 281-316-6392 with any other questions or comments.


We believe in investing in the community in which we work, live and play. We partner with three community partners that serve the community around us every day. Thank you to our partners for all of the time and energy you invest in the community we call home. 

Project Joy and Hope

Project Joy and Hope exists to enhance the quality of life of children and families who live with life-limiting conditions in the greater Houston-Galveston area through community awareness, education, program development and resource development.

Galveston Urban Ministries

Galveston Urban Ministries’ mission is to develop holistic relationships that transform the community. From teaching kids to read to helping adult residents prepare to enter the workforce to developing education programs that alleviate poverty G.U.M. strives to see its community thrive.

Trash Bash

Every year, we are among the thousands of volunteers who gather along the Texas waterways to take part in the largest, single-day waterway cleanup in the state of Texas. We have participated as a team in the annual event since 2000.