ARCON Solutions’ strategic evolution into 9YARDS honors more than 28 years of progress and expansion.

Since its conception, ARCON Solutions has prioritized client feedback and aimed to continually elevate our services. Year after year, our clients expressed the desire to work with a single source from DIRT to DONE. As our service list evolved to fill that request, we simply outgrew the ARCON (ARchitecture, CONstruction) Solutions name.

Our new mission is to disrupt and modernize the property development process, providing a complete suite of services under one roof, including Real Estate, Architecture and Engineering, Construction, and Facilities Management. Our truly integrated vision, provides clients with one expert partner the whole nine yards.


  • We provide clients with one expert partner from DIRT TO DONE. No other firm offers the whole nine yards like this.
  • The 9YARDS holistic approach has proven to not only save clients time and money, but also delivers a much higher standard of service, allowing clients to stay focused on their core business.
  • Our team has collaborated for almost three decades and has developed proprietary technology to expertly manage your project every step of the way.
  • The 9YARDS studio approach gives our team and our clients the advantage of flexibility and adaptability. Our team is able to create custom service quotes with a single service or the whole nine yards. With all services offered independently, there is no one-size-fits-all approach here.
  • Our truly integrated vision, provides clients with one expert partner from DIRT TO DONE and the freedom to stay focused on their business.

As 9YARDS, we are producing signature projects all across the state of Texas, with planned growth to continue on a national basis.

Read the 9YARDS news release to learn more.