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Houston, Texas

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Client Wish List

  • Land with quick access to highways
  • Close to city-center
  • A space that allows natural light from every desk
  • Parking structure that did not take away from overall aesthetics of building
  • Multiple level structure with easy access for future developments

Key Development Needs

  • Property Selection and Vetting
  • Master Planning
  • Structural Engineering
  • Construction Management

The 9YARDS Impact

  • Identified upfrontĀ issues with a broker selected property before purchaseĀ 
  • Researched and vetted appropriate acreage with wish-list and infrastructure capabilities
  • Produced full master planning document and strategy
  • Delivered full renderings of property
  • Provided management of engineering needs and construction
  • Continue to provide facilities management support

Project Details




March 14th, 2016


New Office Headquarters


50,000 Sq, Ft.


Real Estate, Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Facilities Management


Exceeds LEED standards

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